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OtterBox: Water Resistant & Drop Protection Laptop Bags

You can now consider dropping your Laptop from the Himalayan peaks or even down the Niagara Falls without any worries - your laptop will remain safe as long as it is inside an Otterbox - a rugged laptop case.

The Himalayas could be a bit of exaggeration here but the manufacturer of Otterbox Laptop Bags promises that their rugged case design is so strong that you can stand on the case without doing any damage.

OtterBox Rugged Laptop Cases are waterproof (upto 100 feet deep) and can withstand the impact even when dropped onto concrete from a height of four feet.

Otterbox is the same company that makes dustproof and waterproof cases for iPod, GPS Devices, PDAs, Tablet PCs and even Zippo lighters and Cigars. You can swim with the device, go rafting or even do scuba diving.

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