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MSN adCenter Lab tools: Understand your website better

Microsoft adCenter Labs website has a nice collection of online tools for doing keyword research, user demographics, search patterns and website categorization. You can use these tools without an adCenter or a Passport account. All you require is IE browser, they don't work inside Firefox. Here's a list of some of them:

Keyword Mutation Detection: This tool gives you common misspellings or alternative representations of your input keywords. (Common misspellings for Gogole are googles, googlr, googl, googe, googie, gooogle)

Detecting Online Commercial Intention: Predict a user's commercial intention from their search query or a recently visited URL (see screenshot below)

Content Categorization Engine : Type a web address (URL) to list the most related categories for that web page

Keyword Categorization Engine: Type a keyword(s) and the tool will classify it into various categories (Microsoft is rightly classified in the Software, Internet & Business category)

Search Result Clustering: This is something like Clusty or Vivisimo. Type a keyword and the tool creates clusters (or related groups) with search results for each of the groups.

Search Volume Seasonality Forecast: People search different keywords at different times of the year. Enter a keyword to view its seasonality patterns.

Demographics Prediction: Predict a user's demographic information such as age and gender based on online behavior (query searched or Web page viewed).

Source: Microsoft adCenter Labs Beta