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Microsoft joining the Podcasting Bandwagon

Like Apple, Microsoft also seems to be bitten by the podcasting bug. Though Microsoft has no specific Podcast creating software like Apple Garageband or iLife, that doesn't prevent them from promoting podcasting and video blogging (or videocasts).

Instead, Microsoft is trying to potray the Windows Mobile device as a next generation blogging device. The Voice Notes application on your smartphone can record the audio, Audacity can clean the hissing sounds, PhotoStory can create a nice movie of static photos and Movie Maker can be your video editing client for vblogging.
Voice Notes stores audio in the WAV format, which results in very large files and long downloads. The Windows Media format gives you excellent sound quality with much smaller files. Transfer the WAV file to your personal computer and use Windows Media Player to convert your broadcast.
The Microsoft at Home & Work does talk of the huge WAV files but they refrain from speaking about the advantages of MP3, the defact podcast media format.