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Google brings Video Advertising for the masses

As expected, rich multimedia advertising is coming to the web in a big way. And you don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to run a video advertising campaign on another websites. Adwords will soon start accepting Video Ads from big-and-small advertisers for inserting them on Adsense partner websites (including this one)

Similar to other Google Ad formats, Video Banner Ads can be either cost-per-click or cost-per-impression. At first glance, the Video Ads look very much like Image Ads until the user decides to click on them which will start playing the video. The on-demand streaming video ads are embedded in the Flash player with the famous "Matte" skin.

Just like Adsense publishers can reject Image Ads, NYTimes says Google will provide an option to opt out of the video ads as well. However, they do not provide such an option for Flash Ads and animated GIFs.

I am not too sure what happens if the client computer doesn't have Macromedia Flash Player. I know it's a remote possibility but cannot be ruled out completely. Will Google provide a link to download the Flash player or simply detect beforehand if Flash Player is installed or not ? If not, just show the competing Image Ad or a text ad. This remains unclear.

CNN writes that Google will host video advertisements on its own computer servers instead of forcing customers to contract out with a third-party supplier as many video advertisers must now do.

Google's announcement came a week after AOL acquired Lighteningcast that sells video advertisements. Lighteningcast will be merged with AOL's own unit, which mainly sells banner advertisements on other sites but is also getting into sales of video advertising.

Don't be surprised if you hear similar annoucements from MSN and Yahoo in the coming days.

Source: Click-to-play video ads for AdWords

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