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Bookmarklets to Speed Up Web Browsing & Blogging

I am currently using the following bookmarklets (or favlets). Just drag these links to your browser bookmark toolbar and you are done. If you have never used bookmarklets before, here's a quick video tutorial on how to install Bookmarklets to your Browser.

post to - tag the current webpage and save it to

coComment! - Click the coComment button before submitting your comment on a supported blog - coComment will copy your comment and list it in the "your conversations" page on coComment.

Watch It! - I use ChangeNotes to monitors web pages and this bookmarklet quickly adds the current website to my watch list.

Sphere it ! - Sphere is a new blog search engine that returns webpages related to the content of the current webpage.

TinyURL! - Creates a short URL of the page you are currently at. Useful when you sending someone a lengthy link by email.

Technorati This - Helps you find who is linking to the current page or blogging about the selected text on Technorati.

[toread] - sends the current webpage to your email inbox with all the formatting and layout intact.

Furl! - Save the current webpage to Furl .

GMail This! - Select some text on the webpage and click the GMailThis bookmarklet to compose a new GMail message in a new window.

Blog This! - If you have a blog on, this bookmarklet is for you. BlogThis! is an easy way to make a blog post without visiting Clicking BlogThis! creates a mini-interface to Blogger prepopulated with a link to the web page you are visiting, as well as any text you have highlighted on that page.

Earlier, I also had some bookmarklets to add feeds with autodiscovery tags in Newsgator and Bloglines but now I use Google Toolbar for subscribing to feeds.

1. Bookmarklets for iPhone and iPad
2. Bookmarklets for Chrome, IE and Firefox