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Direct Blogging from Macromedia Contribute 4.0

Adobe doesn't provide a Blogging Extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 but they are developing one for Macromedia Contribute, the simple web publishing software for designers and content providers. This Contribute screenshot shows the software connecting to a blog platform.

Deeje Cooley, Contribute Engineer, demonstrated the Web 2.0 integration features of the next version of Adobe Contribute 4.0 (codenamed Hunter) at the Macromedia Max conference.

Among the new Contribute 4.0 features is the ability to post to blogs without having to create a new page or save the page. Deeje showed the audience how easy it is to connect to a blog and post a blog entry in no time at all.

Deeje also showed how the next version of Contribute will be able to play Flash content in Contribute while editing. Another feature that may make it into the next version of Contribute is the ability to edit web pages directly from your browser of choice using “headless Contribute.”

Microsoft has also announced that it will possible to use Microsoft Office Word 2007 as a blog editor.

Deeje Cooley @ Adobe | Contribute Sneak Peek