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Delhi Blogger's Meet 2006 - Interesting Tidbits, Photographs

Delhi has an active community of enthusiastic bloggers that include techies, photographers, journalist, lawyers, entrepreneurs.. The members frequently meet and have organized a variety of events in the past including a Photography workshop and a Book reading sesssion.

The XIth DBM, held at the India Habitat Center, was a little more special as we had Bill Tompson, Julian Siddle and Gareth Mitchell from the BBC joining the event. No Wifi, No projectors, No Live Blogging. Therefore everyone present, participated in the discussions.

Bill Thompson is a regular commentator on the BBC World Service programme Digital Planet while Gareth is the main presenter. Julian is producer of the show.

Here are some pictures from the event. I will also try to introduce some interesting peple I met at the meet.

India Habitat Center is a huge complex as you can visualize in these pictures.

Initially the event was planned at the Amphitheatre but some school children had made a prior booking of the place - so we had to move.

May 6, 2006 was perhaps the hottest day in Delhi - the mercury climbing a steep 44.6°C - Still a good number turned up.

OK - all set to take our positions. It's around 6:30 pm - so the heat is now bearable.

That's Abhishek Kant from Microsoft. He always something interesting to add to the conversation.

Anouradha Bakshi - the youngest blogger in the group.

That's Amit Verma with Gareth and Bill. Amit is a creative guy and freelance designer. He's even doing the illustrations of Vikram Seth's latest book - "Two Lives". Don't confuse him with Mumbai based Amit Varma who blogs for India Uncut.

Bill and Julian are ready with their recording equipments.

Nidhi Dewan from Webchutney introducing herself. Her company has launched a unique Blogging competition - participants get a laptop with a wireless internet connection - they travel around India and blog about their experiences - the winner gets to keep the laptop and wins 50K in cash. If you are interested in touring the land of sadhus, snakes and elephants, register here.

Monica giving her mandatory intro. While at the Eatopia fast food joint, she gave me small demo of iMeet - a cellphone based IM that can also connect to Yahoo and other clients. They have a huge subscriber base in the Middle East but not that good a presence in India. Monica did show lot of interest in blogging.

That's Sanjay who quit his job last year to become a full time professional photographer. His Flickr gallery has some of his amazing shoots.

Snigdha (looking at the camera), Amit Gupta Amit Kendurkar, Nidhi and Asit Misra. Asit, the cyber journalist, diligently covered the entire event on his notebook (the paper one).

That's Shantanu Godbole - he's captured the jist of the event.

We have Varun in the center. Interesting person, he enlightened the BBC team about the Gaurav Sabnis IIPM story.

She's Sanjukta sharing her views, she was one of the organizers of the event.

On the extreme left is Twilight Fairy, she is one of the founding members of the Delhi Group. Abhishek, who runs his own company, is at the front.

Here's Paavani (in black) - an industrial designer. She has a nice summary of the event.

Mayank has an interesting observation - compares the sitting style with a village panchayat scene without the Peepal tree.