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Controlling Windows Media Player 11 from Command Line

WMP 11, the much awaited iTunes-killer is now out of the Redmond Building and available for download at the Microsoft Download Center. The interface is vastly improved over WMP 10 and it also offers a sneak preview of the full Windows Vista version.

Technically, the MS version of Windows Media Player 11 is not different from one which has been available on Softpedia since yesterday. So if you have already downloaded WMP11, there is no reason to download it again from MSFT website.

Ok, back to the point. If you are like doing things via the keyboard, WMP 11 offers a good support for command line operators. Here are some of them:

wmplayer /Device:{DVD|AudioCD} - Start a DVD or an Music CD directly from the command line.

If you plan to start a DVD movie with WMP in full screen, just add a /fullscreen switch to the above command, it starts the player in a full screen mode.

wmplayer /Playlist PlaylistName Open the Player and play the specified playlist.

wmplayer "path\filename"?WMPSkin=skin_name - starts the player in skin mode and plays the file mentioned in the argument. Specify the full qualified path of the media file.

Download Windows Media Player 11 | Windows Media on MSDN