Connect iPod to TV - Watch Videos, Pictures on Big Screen

Music Videos, movies, TV shows, slideshows of family photographs are more fun to watch on a large TV set than on the tiny iPod Video Screen. Another drawback is that only one person with iPod earphones can listen to the background music - others will only see moving picture and are likely to loose interest very soon.

Fortunately, connecting iPods to the television using standard ports is very much possible. Here we discuss different options to connect the video ipod to your Television set so that you can enjoy the iPod content in the living room with your entire family.

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Apple iPod AV Cable - The iPod AV Cable provides composite video and audio output for viewing photo slideshows with music on a TV. You can also hook the AV Cable to your stereo or powered speakers.

iPod AV Connection Kit - It comes with a Universal Dock and an iPod AV Cable that connects the iPod to the Audio In ports of the home audio system or the composite video input on a TV or computer monitor.

Apple iPod Universal Dock - This lets you display photos or videos on a TV or Monitor using an iPod AV Cable or a standard S-video cable.

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Although iPod nano has a color display, it won't output a slideshow to a TV. Some televisions may need to be set to channel 3 or 4 or "video" to receive input. The correct TV format (NTSC or PAL) can be choosen using the Photos > Slideshow Settings > TV Signal settings in your iPod. Only the Apple iPod AV Cable works with the iPod Headphones and AV port.