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Apple MacBook for frying eggs

Sometime ago, a McDonald's customer sued them for serving hot coffee that was dangerously hot. The lady was rewarded millions of dollars in damage and now all McDonalds' coffee cups carry a warning near the lid - "This coffee is hot".

Here's a similar case.

The bottom of Apple MacBook and MacBookPro Laptops (or for that matter any Laptop) can get very hot if used for a prolonged period. It can even cause burns if the surface comes in contact with bare skin.

Considering that people who work at home are more likely to be naked, the probability of burning thighs from a hot laptop just increases exponentially.

Therefore, to prevent a McDonald's Coffee like lawsuit, Apple has already issued a warning in their MacBook user manual :
Do not leave the bottom of your MacBook Pro in contact with your lap or any surface of your body for extended periods. Prolonged contact with your body could cause discomfort and potentially a burn.

Do not place your MacBook Pro on a pillow or other soft material when it is on, as the material can block the airflow vents, in particular the rear vents, and cause the computer to overheat. Never place anything over your keyboard when operating in closed-lid mode.
To play safe, Apple recommends you use your laptop like a desktop.

News Source: Gearlog, Kiruba Picture Credit: Salon