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Ambient Gadgets quietly change colors to convey information

Ambient Wireless Gadgets can provide you lot of relief from information overload. At the same time, these devices look pretty sitting on your office desk, living room or on the door of your fridge.

SMS, emails or even Phone calls are the traditional methods of conveying important information that may require immediate attention like stock market movements, traffic congestion, weather forecast, etc.

Ambient devices are built on a different philosophy - they do not require a computer or an internet connection. They just sit on your desk and convey the information using visual clues like changing colors. The data flows in over FM airwaves. Ambient terms it datacasting.

Ambient Orb - It's a frosted-glass glowing ball that changes colors to display real time stock market trends, traffic congestion, pollen forecasts, etc.

Ambient Umbrella - If rain is forecast, the handle of this umbrella glows so you won't forget it. Embedded in the handle is Ambient's wireless data-radio. This chip receives information and pulses when rain is forecast in your area.

Ambient Weather Beacon - Elegantly glows the weather forecast using color. It glows the same color spectrum used by USA Today and pulses if it is going to rain. It uses information from

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