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After Photocasting, Apple's latest love affair with Podcasting

The word "podcast" may be a concatenation of the words iPod and broadcast but neither podcasting nor listening to podcasts requires an Apple iPod.

Yet Apple wants their iPod and iTunes software to lead the podcasting revolution. They are sending out promotional emails to businesses pointing to the benifits and capabilities of podcasting.
Promoting your business just got easier. Create a podcast with GarageBand, post it to iTunes in minutes, and reach customers, clients, and partners in a whole new way.

Chefs are sharing recipes. Maternity store owners are giving the lowdown on diaper bags. And other professionals are airing business discussions, marketing new products and services, and keeping people informed.
Apple has maintained a good lead ever since they added podcasting to its iTunes 4.9 and created the Podcast Directory on the Apple iTunes Music Store that puts thousands of podcasts at your fingertips.

In their latest campaign "I can help you make a podcast worth talking about", Apple showcases creation of podcasts using GarageBand - a Mac software like Adobe Audition or Audacity that let's you capture the audio for your podcast episode, remix music loops and publish to the .Mac account using iWeb. You can also include artwork and links to website using the iLife Media Browser in GarageBand.

Did someone call Podcasting a bubble ?. Atleast Apple doesn't think so. via

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