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Ads inside RSS Feeds: Your queries answered

When RSS Ads were first introduced, a lot of people thought that ads inside feeds would turn away subscribers. Fortunately, that has not been the case and RSS advertising business continues to grow.

Various RSS Advertising services from Pheedo, Feedburner and Google let you make money from RSS feeds by integrating advertisements between posts. If you are using Ads in RSS or plan to use them in future, make sure you read the latest Pheed Read report which provides the latest trends in RSS usage. Some of the findings may surprise you:

» Should I syndicate Full content or partial feeds ?

90% of RSS consumers opt to read the feed content entirely in the aggregator environment, regardless of whether they are viewing full or partial feeds. Also, full-text feeds and Summary Feeds (or feeds showing partial content) garner similar Click-Through Rates (CTR)

» Where do I place RSS ads - after every post, two posts or more ?

Ads in every post yields the highest click-through rate of any ad placement frequency. For publishers with ads in every post, those ads yielded and average CTR of 1.75%. (see graph)

»Tuesday Still the Best Day for Feed Reading

Make sure your feed has sufficient posts on Tuesdays. There is the high readership and click-through rates on feed ads and content early to midweek.

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