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Adobe Captivate 2.0

After acquiring eHelp, Macromedia did not add any major new feature in eHelp Robodemo 5 software except renaming the product to Macromedia Captivate 1.0. They did release minor updates (Captivate 1.01) for integrating the FLA module with the main program and a minor update to make Captivate SWF files compatible with Macromedia Breeze Presenter.

There is some good news for Captivate fans again. First Macromedia Captivate lives. Second, Adobe developers are indeed working on the next version of Adobe Captivate 2.0 and the rock solid screencasting, screen capture software has already entered the beta phase.

This development been been confirmed by Rick Stone of RoboWizard and Mark Fletcher of Webassist. Both are Macromedia Captivate experts and probably beta testers too.

Screencasting community may already be excited enough to see what innovations Adobe puts in Captivate 2.0 - I expect Adobe to put better drawing tools and enhanced audio-video support. It's not clear if Adobe would release a Mac OS X version of Captivate 2.0 - They didn't do it for Premiere Pro. Even the Captivate 2.0 beta group is not really sure if a Mac version exists yet.