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Adobe Apollo will bridge the print and software world

An Adobe director has offered PDFzone interesting information about the upcoming Adobe Apollo technology. Some of these Apollo details were also shared by Kevin Lynch during the FlashForward conference.

Adobe Apollo is part of a long-term Adobe strategy to integrate PDF, Flash and HTML into a single universal client.

When the technology finally gets released to the public, end users will likely be unaware of Apollo, as it will be an updated Reader and Flash Player download. Or, in the case of run-time apps, the Apollo components will be self-contained.

The idea behind Apollo, Hay said, is to enable apps currently made from Flash and PDF to "move beyond the browser" by assigning Flash-based apps a desktop icon that can be launched like traditional apps and utilities.

Some Apollo apps could be built to save information offline such as, for example, a plane ticket reservation, and later automatically sync up with the server once the computer reconnects to the Web.

More information on Adobe Apollo available @,