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Adobe Apollo Breeze Session: Registrations Open

Mike Potter writes about the Adobe Online Developer Conference starting on June 12th. The live sessions will cover Adobe technologies like Flex, LiveCycle, ColdFusion, ActionScript, RIAs and the Adobe Engagement Platform. Adobe also provide recordings of the live webcasts.

For the first time, developers will get a chance to learn more about Adobe Apollo on June 13 by Luis Polanco, Adobe Senior Product Manager.

Though the session title - "Building Killer Desktop RIAs: Adobes Next Gen Technology" doesn't mention Adobe Apollo anywhere, Ryan Steward picks up the description which sums up Apollo features:
Join us to learn how to take advantage of Adobe’s next generation technologies for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA's) targeted at the desktop environment. Imagine building rich and compelling RIA’s that are launched from the desktop, running on or offline, across operating systems, that leveraged Flash, HTML, and PDF with the same development and deployment costs of traditional web applications
Adobe Developers are very excited about the Apollo technology as it offers the tight text and layout elements of PDF, the elegant and thin video aspects of Flash, and the functionality of HTML content, including page display and two-way interaction with database servers.

Most have a opinion that if Adobe they can make Apollo applications as simple to create as PDFs, not just in former Macromedia apps, but also in Acrobat and InDesign—and keep the resultant files thin—that might lead to widespread adoption.

According to Jim Healy, if a PDF document can interact with the Web without the Internet Explorer "chrome" surrounding it, that gives Adobe leverage over Microsoft it didn't have before.