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Yahoo! Video Editing Tool Hints at Future Plans

Yahoo has launched a web based video editing tool to reedit, repurpose, remix and mash up an array of clips from selected Festival films. Remixes are then posted back to the site for others to view and enjoy.

Using the Yahoo Video tool, people can preview portions of films in this year's festival and extract snippets and place them in a clip bin. The clips can then be organized into a one-minute film.

I think Yahoo has made an intelligent move here. It has never been easier to share videos. Google and YouTube enjoy a good hold in video sharing business but unfortunately, none of them offer any kind of video editing tools. The San Fransisco University experiment clearly hints that Yahoo is actually planning to take a step further and offer web based video editing tool to all users.

19 film directors from Brazil, Canada, England, Macedonia, the Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, and the United States agreed to allow their films to be sliced and diced by the Yahoo remixers.

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