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Wi-Fi Enabled Wireless Digital Cameras: Say no to wires

Everytime you want to transfer pictures from your digital camera to your laptop computer, you either have to connect the two devices through USB cables or pull the memory card out of the camera and plug it into the card reader slot.

Well, good times are here again. Now a new generation of wireless digital cameras offer built-in WiFi networking that lets you shoot, print and share pictures without hooking up any wires. All you need is WiFi internet access, this means at home, airport, Star Bucks or any Hotspot area.

Cameras that use wireless connections to upload pictures or to print photos aren't new. Many models use Bluetooth technology to get the job done, but only a handful of companies are investing in Wi-Fi to connect cameras to other devices.

PC Magazine compares the popular Wi-Fi-enabled digital cameras from Kodak, Nikon and Canon. All these 802.11 Wi-Fi card wireless cameras are in $500-$600 price range but the Nikon Coolpix camera offers 8MP while the rest are 4-5MP range cameras. All of them support USB transfers.

Cameras reviewed include Kodak EasyShare One, Nikon Coolpix P1 and Canon PowerShot SD430 Digital Elph Wireless. Read Wireless Camera Comparison