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Webaroo: Search the web offline

Store the essential internet on an hard-disk with Webaroo.

Webaroo is a free software that lets you search and browse the Web from your laptop or handheld device without an Internet connection. Webroo is based on the understanding that most web searchers never make it farther than the first page or two of results from a typical query.

Here's how Webaroo software works. Webaroo users pick their favorite Google searches and bookmarked websites to store for later retrieval. When the user goes online, Webaroo downloads the bookmarked websites and links from the first couple of Google search result pages, and compresses the results.

These pages are then packaged into topic-specific "Web Packs" that can be downloaded by users onto their devices. Once downloaded, users can search and browse that content offline.

Webaroo has also inked a deal with Acer to sell laptops pre-loaded with information downloaded from the internet for offline search and use. The aim is that mobile workers research the Web without an internet connection. Under the deal, Acer will get a cut of advertising displayed on its machines.

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