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This is not the perfect time to buy an Apple iPod

If you plan to buy an Apple iPod in coming days, try to defer your purchase for some more time. Here are some possible reasons:

Reason 1: Apple has suddenly decided to change their iPod chips supplier - though it may not affect any of the design or functions of iPod, it may be better to wait and watch who the next supplier is ?

Reason 2: New Higher Capacity iPod Nano models are coming. Analysts for American Technology Research on Monday said checks show Apple Computer to be planning a new iPod nano with twice the storage for its September quarter.

Reason 3: There are Apple Video iPod models in sight yet but the launch of iPod Mobile Phones Apple iPhone is "logical and inevitable"

Reason 4: Declining costs of iPod primary components like LCD screens and flash memory could bring down the overall cost of manufacturing. Apple therefore expects the average selling price of iPod to decline in the current quarter.

Reason 5: Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is saying that Apple will be launching new 8GB and 10GB iPod Nano models this summer.

Reason 6: Shaw Wu of American Technology Research says that Apple is working hard on extending the battery life of its next-generation widescreen video iPod. He says Apple's current 5th-generation video iPods have a battery life of only 75 - 90 minutes when playing video. Some of the ways to improve battery life that Apple is exploring are said to include: using a bigger battery, using both NAND flash and microdrives inside a single iPod, and building better software that makes Broadcom's AlphaMosaic multimedia co-processor operate more efficiently.