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Print Google Calendar, Save as PDF

There's a secret but extremely useful feature in Google Calendar that most of us are unaware of. Surprisingly, even the Google Calendar Help fails to mention the feature - Generate PDF on the fly

Google Calendar lets you save any calendar view as a PDF file without any third-party application like Adobe Acrobat - you can directly print the google calendar to a PDF file.

Here's how you create a PDF file of your Google Calendar events. Select the Month, Day, Week, Next 4 days or Agenda view and click the "Printer Icon" (see screenshot)

Depending on your web browser settings, either the generated PDF will open in a new browser window or open the associate Acrobat Reader or FoxIt Reader.

The 11' x 8.5' PDF Version 1.4 file is optimized for printing and supports Acrobat 5.x and later. For the curious, Google Calendar internally uses iText 1.3 - a free Java-PDF library for dynamic PDF document generation.

Google Calendar Quick Tip: If you are logged into Google calendar, try typing the following URL in the browser and see what you get:

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