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Newsgator Email Edition: Turn Outlook Express or any POP3 email client into RSS Reader

Mozilla Thunderbird has inbuilt support for reading RSS content in a way that is very similar to reading email messages. Microsoft Outlook doesn't support RSS feeds yet but third party RSS add-ons like Newsgator Inbox or Attensa Outlook convert your Microsoft Outlook into a full-fledged RSS Client application.

Outlook 2007, part of Microsoft Office 2007, will have an integrated RSS newsreader. It is also expected that Microsoft Outlook Express 7.0 (renamed as Windows Live Desktop), which will be available as part of Windows Vista, will have built in RSS Reader functionality.

But what if you are on Mac, Linux or can't wait until Vista ? Or use a different email software like Eudora, Pine, The Bat, Pegasus, Microsoft Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Netscape Mail, WordPerfect Mail, Entourage (or any email client that supports POP3) ?

Good news is that reading RSS content inside any email program is possible with the Newgator Email Edition - The email client must support the POP3 protocol.

Newsgator Email Edition downloads all the subscribed RSS content to your local email client, with one mail message in your client representing one post from a subscribed feed. If you wish to automatically separate content in your email client by feed, you will need to create rules to process the incoming items.

Though POP3 clients usually leave a copy of the message on the server, if you are using other NewsGator editions (Outlook Edition, Web Edition, Mobile Edition), all of your feeds will be automatically synchronized between editions; so you'll never have to read the same thing twice.

Here's how to configure Outlook Express to read RSS feeds using Newsgator Email Edition. Create a new POP3 account, with the following information:

Incoming mail server name:

Incoming mail server credentials: enter your NewsGator Online username/password

Outgoing mail server:; if you plan to use GMail when replying to posts.

Newgator Email Edition is available with NewsGator Online Premium Package at $1.66/mo or $19.95/year.