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New Feedburner Email: RSS to E-mail Service

Just six months ago, Feedburner had entered into a partnership with FeedBlitz to provide an integrated email subscription capability to Feedburner publishers. Feedblitz quickly became the defacto Email Subscription Service and managed to grab lot of Bloglet users which was the most popular service at that time.

Things are however different today as Feedburner has launched their own RSS Email service which very much competes with FeedBlitz, a premium Feedburner partner.

How to configure Feedburner Email Subscription

Feedburner Email is a plain vanilla service - no complex dashboards or jazzy landing pages - when a user subscribes, he has solve a CAPTCHA and then click the activation link sitting in his mail inbox.

Some question remain unanswered yet:

1. How can I migrate my existing FeedBlitz of Bloglet subscribers to Feedburner (there's no import function yet)

2. The subscription form uses popup window - most users block popups - So is there an alternate way to subscribe

3. The word verification sometimes throws unreadable characters - Feedburner might have to improve that

4. Why two levels of verification - CAPTCHA may not be necessary when email verification exists

5. How does the Feedburner service compare with Zookoda

Feedburner says that they continue to promote FeedBlitz and Squeet but for how long ? Techcrunch has already made the switch to Feedburner Email.

On a side note, I highly recommend using such services that offer syndicated content via a daily email. After all, not every site visitor understands RSS.