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How to switch from Yahoo! Calendar to Google Calendar

You have already seen that Google Calendar is more feature-rich, more interactive and easy to use than Yahoo Calendar.

Now let's see how easy it is to migrate all your appointments, anniversaries, birthdays, etc from Yahoo Calendar to Google Calendar.

Remember that the following approach also works if you plan to move your Microsoft Outlook appointments to Google Calendar.

Just to play safe, do a dummy import first by creating a different calendar for importing external calendars from Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Calendar.

Step 1. Select the Options link in your Yahoo! Calendar. In the Import and Export section, under subsection "Export to Outlook", Click on the Export Now button.

Step 2. When prompted, specify a convenient name and location for the .CSV file in the "Save As" dialog box.

Export Yahoo Outlook

Step 3. Open Google Calendar Settings and choose Import Calendar. Select the file you created in Step 2 and click Import.

The exported file doesn't support recurring Yahoo! events.

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