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How to Insert Ads into podcasts ? Ask Apple

Since podcasting first started catching on, people have been trying to find a way to generate revenue with it.

First came Fruitcast, the Adsense for Podcasts that automatically adds a 10-15 second spoken ad either the beginning or end, or both into the MP3 file (podcasts) that your listeners downloads. Fruitcast follows a CPM (cost per impression) approach.

Now Apple plans to introduce advertising in iTunes, the most popular Podcasting client. Though Podcasts can be played in any MP3 player, most subscriber prefer to download shows in iTunes and then sync to their iPod.

Steve Jobs has always supported the idea of ad-supported podcasts. Initially, Apple will show ads only in the lower-left corner of the iTunes library while users listen to podcasts from their computers rather than from portable devices.

But it requires no analyst to guess that Apple may ultimately walk into individual podcasts and embedded ads in some of the podcasts offered via iTunes. ESPN Radio, which supplies some of iTunes' most popular ad-supported sports podcasts, is working with the service on the new advertising offering.

Though no official word yet, if Apple plans to share advertising revenue with podcasters - it could prove to be a real catalyst. The Podcasting bubble may see some exciting moments soon.

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