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Google Housing Search goes live - Screenshots

Looking to buy or rent a living space near Bill Gates House in Medina, WA ? Google Housing can help you locate your perfect home in the vicinity of Bill's Residence.

Google Housing website has no new features, just put a neat wrapper around existing Google Base interface . The Google Base Search for housing results are shown on the left pane while it maps the corresponding location on Google maps in the right pane.

Most bloggers are referring to the new service as Google Real Estate while I get the feeling that the official name is Google Housing as the Google Search button text says "Search Housing" - The obvious URLs and aren't live yet. But if you do a search for “real estate”, “homes for sale” , or “apartments for rent”, Google search results shows a new option to further refine your search.

Shimon has posted screenshots of Google Real Estate while Steve confirms the existence of Google Real Estate and links to the actual Google Housing website.