Generous Google releases Sketchup CAD software for free

Earlier they acquired Web Analytics company Urchin and released their expensive package Urchin for free rebranded as Google Analytics. When Google acquired @Last, not many would have predicted that Google would release the popular 3D software for free.

Google has given the same treatment to SketchUp. Google has released a free version of Google Sketchup (a basic stripped down version of original Sketchup Software) that lets you create detailed 3D models for Google Earth (kmz files) and share them with other Google Earth users using Google 3D Warehouse - an online repository of Sketchup drawings and models accessible from the Sketchup Interface. The 3D drawings can also be printed.

At the same time, Google has released SketchUp Pro 5 which has all the original features of Sketchup like Animations, walk throughs, 3D export formats, sandbox and free tech support. SketchUp Pro users also get access to ruby script support and large-format, high-resolution printing.

Both Google SketchUp and SketchUp Pro 5 (with the plug-in) are Google Earth enabled. SketchUp Pro 5 is approved for commercial use. SketchUp (free) is not. Google has also confirmed that SketchUp Pro Version 6 is in development.

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