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Don't stop browsing the Internet at work

We had one smart guy in our office who would browse for hours during office time. If he saw the boss approaching his desk, he pressed CTRL+Z that minimized his browser (NetCaptor or CrazyBrowser) to the system tray and no one would notice what he was doing.

Office netizens guilty of non-business-related web activity have a ray of hope now - a court has said that employees cannot be fired for surfing the internet during office hours so long as this does not interfere with their overall work performance.

Saying surfing the Web is equivalent to reading a newspaper or talking on the phone, the judge has suggested that only a reprimand is appropriate as punishment for a city worker accused of failing to heed warnings to stay off the Internet.

The ruling came after Mayor Michael Bloomberg fired a worker in the city's legislative office in Albany earlier this year after he saw the man playing a game of solitaire on his computer.

Source: Web-surfing worker can't be fired