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Doctor discusses Health Problems of Geeks

Geeks are often associated with long work hours, incorrect sitting postures, multitasking, poor eyesight, etc.

LifeHacker points to some interesting observations made by a physician regarding the geek lifestyle and health. Some interesting excerpts:

1. The bed should only be used for two things – sex and sleep. Lying in bed and watching TV or using the laptop are the worst. These stimulate the brain to wake up even more.

2. Poor screen position, too small font, screen too bright/too dark, poor sitting posture are all commonly reported causes of chronic headache.

3. Back pain is often a sign of depression; however, in the geek this is more frequently due to work conditions or to overuse. Poor posture, incorrectly sized chair, or poorly positioned monitors are common culprits.

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Source: LifeHacker