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X1 Desktop Search 5.5 with Enterprise features

X1 search, my favorite desktop search tool, just got better.

X1 Technologies today released a new version of X1 Desktop Search. With this new release, called X1 Enterprise Client 5.5, X1 has improved the UI, supports more filetypes, added new indexing features and lets you find files across the network. The upgrade to X1 Enterprise edition is free.

The search results in X1 Desktop Search 5.5 can be dragged and dropped on the desktop or other applications. Other new features in X1 Enterprise client 5.5 are:

1. X1 supports real-time indexing of Outlook email and Files.

2. X1 supports indexing of Outlook Calendar and Tasks.

3. Added range search such as BETWEEN, >, <, date-specific search, size, etc.

4. Added the ability to turn off indexing when on battery power.

5. X1 supports Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Eudora, Netscape, Mozilla and Thunderbird.

The X1 license allows you to use X1 Enterprise Client on up to two computers (your desktop and your laptop, for example).

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