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Windows Live Desktop: Microsoft Outlook Express 7.0

Microsoft Outlook Express, the poor cousin of Microsoft Office Outlook, has been long due for a revamp. Microsoft released OE 6.0 in 2001 and the product has remained static since then.

Meanwhile, Mozilla released several iterations of Thunderbird and did grab some marketshare.

But there is some good news for Outlook Express fans now.

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Microsoft is developing an Outlook Express replacement that will also be integrated into Windows Live. Outlook Express 7.0 will have a new UI, emoticon and inline spell checking, and automatic syncing with Hotmail contacts.

The new desktop email client will be called Windows Live Mail Desktop and include blogging capabilities, RSS reader, Internet Newsgroups reader, a spell checker and support POP or IMAP e-mail accounts and even multiple inboxes. (see screenshot)

Source: Windows Live Mail Desktop Blog | BetaNews