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Window Vista is delayed, Adobe looks happy

The much-anticipated Windows Vista launch date has been delayed again by atleast six months. Microsoft standard excuses include system quality, security concerns and that it didn't want the operating system introduced in the middle of holiday sales.

This may not be good news for memory chip makers and computer makers but has provided Bruce Chizen of Adobe enough reasons to smile again.

Microsoft has long been eyeing Adobe marketshare with technologies like Microsoft Sparkle (Flash rival) and Microsoft Metro (PDF rival), both exected to relase with Vista. Now that Vista launch has been pushed back, it gives Adobe engineers enough time to add more features and finetune their products.

Microsoft, which has not overhauled the consumer version of Windows in over four years, had originally been expected to release Windows Longhorn, now Vista, in 2005. The company scaled back its ambitions and pushed the launch out to 2006.

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