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ShortText: Write it, Post it and Forget it

Kawaljit Bedi of NDTV, whom I met at BarCampDelhi, tells me about ShortText - a new Text sharing service developed by his brother.

The site has already made it to the Digg frontpage and delicious popular websites.

What would you do if you have to send a big chunk to text to someone - either you'll email it or upload the file to a webserver or copy-paste the text in a IM chat conversation.

Here's a better alternative - use Write the text in ShortText and publish. You get a permanent URL to the text which you either email, share in a chat room or just bookmark for later reference.

ShortText also allows visitors to post comments in you post (with requiring to sign-in) which can be subscribed using RSS.

ShortText doesn't support HTML yet though any URL text is automatically converted into a live hyperlink. Language support is also limited. (Text in 24 languages, ShortText Page)

Similar services like pastebin, ChangeToLink,, NoPaste and nopaste:pastebin are already popular among programmers for swapping snippets of code. Some of these services even offer syntax highlighting features.