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Rare view of Solar Eclipse from International Space Station

The coolest view of today's total solar eclipse might have been from hundreds of miles above the Earth, as shown in this photograph taken from the International Space Station. It shows a rare view of the moon's shadow passing across the Earth during the Solar Eclipse.

Space station crew members took the picture at 4:30 a.m. EST while orbiting 230 miles (370 kilometers) above the Earth.

The island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea appears in the top center of the photo, flanked on the left by the coast of Turkey.

Down on Earth, people in the center of the shadow, or umbra, experienced deep, nightlike darkness, while those in the shadow's lighter portion, or penumbra, witnessed a partial eclipse.

More solar eclipse pictures and live telecast at Sky Nightly, NASA and Exploratorium's eclipe watching site.

Source: NatGeo News | Steve Bass