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Newsgator Inbox: Newsgator Outlook Edition has a new name

NewsGator Outlook Edition, a popular Microsoft Outlook add-in for reading RSS feeds, will now be known as NewsGator Inbox.

I am impressed by one feature in Newsgator Outlook Edition 2.6 (described below) that makes it a worthy upgrade.

Most RSS feeds contain just the hyperlinks and you have to click that link to read the webpage where the post was originally written. So even if you download all your RSS feeds, you have to stay connected.

This problem is resolved with Newsgator Outlook v2.6 - it retrieves associated webpages for offline reading. Newsgator will then show a snapshot of the webpage in Outlook. Excellent.

There are other new features in Newsgator 2.6 like an integrated search bar, podcasting support (with Feedstation) and Clippings that synch with NewsGator Online. FeedStation synchs with iTunes and iPod or with Windows Media Player 10.

Download Newsgator Inbox (Newsgator Outlook Edition v2.6 RC1)

Download Outlook Edition 2.5: NewsGator25Setup.exe

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