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Microsoft shakes management for more timely Windows releases

Just hours after announcing a delay in the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft has decided to rearrange Windows managers.

Steven Sinofsky, who heads the Microsoft Office team, has a very strong reputation of shipping products on time. Sinofsky previously oversaw delivery of Office 2003, XP and Office 2000.

No wonder, Steven has now been handed the reigns of Windows Vista group. Sinofsky will also oversee the Windows Live group.

The current Microsoft Windows chief Jim Allchin will retire after Windows Vista ships. Allchin will remain responsible for the completion and launch of Windows Vista and Sinofsky will responsible for the process and planning of future Windows versions.

Windows is Microsoft's premier revenue generator, followed by the Office suite.

The move signals a recognition among top executives at Microsoft that the company needs to improve the delivery of its products and the relationships with its biggest partners, including PC makers that have been frustrated by delays in the new Windows Vista schedule, said tech analyst Rob Enderle.

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