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Microsoft Office 2007 release delayed

Microsoft Office fans who are hoping to buy a copy of the latest Microsoft Office Suite this Christmas are going to be out of luck.

Microsoft has decided to delay the release of Microsoft Office 2007 until January 2007 (living up to it's name). The new version of Office will now be released in sync with Windows Vista (like Office XP and Win XP)

While PC retailers and chip manufacturers are still reeling under the shocking news of Window Vista delay, the Office 2007 delay could hurt sale of software retailers since the new features in Office 12 could have boosted holiday sales.

The big irony: Microsoft is planning to replace current Windows chief Jim Allchin with the Microsoft Office veteran, Steven Sinofsky to improve Windows release cycles.

But now even Office is slipping schedule, so the delivery pressure continues to remain. It has just shifted from Microsoft's one cash cow (Windows) to another (Office). The great Microsoft Comedy of Errors 2006 2007. Cannot evolve. Still working and will continue to work in the bygone era.