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How to hide Technorati Tags in Blogs

This is a quick tutorial to make you Technorati Tags invisible to site visitors. The technique may also apply to IceRocket and other tag-based search engines and social bookmarking sites like

Your site visitors will not be shown the Technorati tags by default. However, they may choose to toggle the visiblity of Technorati tags by clicking the tag link. This way, we are not violation any of Google webmaster guidelines.

Remember, this code requires a javascript enabled web browser.

// Add this snippet to your CSS file
<style type="text/css">
.showTechnoratiTags {DISPLAY: block;}
.closeTechnoratiTags {DISPLAY: none;}

// Add this to your Javascript file
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
// Toggle Tag information display
var isTechnoratiTagsVisible = 0;

function toggleTechnoratiDisplay(id){
// get Technorati CSS Tag ID
technoratiTagID = document.getElementById(id);

if (isTechnoratiTagsVisible == 1){
// Hide Technorati Tags
technoratiTagID.className = "closeTechnoratiTags";
isTechnoratiTagsVisible = 0;
else {
// Show Technorati Tags
technoratiTagID.className = "showTechnoratiTags";
isTechnoratiTagsVisible = 1;

// Replace tags here with your own Technorati Tags
<A href="javascript:toggleTechnoratiDisplay(technorati)">
Technorati Tags</A>
<DIV class=closeTechnoratiTags id=technorati>Technorati Tags :
<A href=""
rel=tag>technorati</A> /
<A href=""
rel=tag>tags</A> /
<A href=""
rel=tag>invisible</A> /
<A href=""