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Goodmail Certified e-mail: Inspired by Traditional Snail Mail

How Goodmail Systems  work

Goodmail is offering a service like FedEx for e-mail to eliminate unsolicited spam and phishing frauds.

For $2 per 1,000 email messages, the sender gets guaranteed delivery for mail and the promise that it will stand out in the user's mailbox. The recipient pays nothing.

Paying the fees means that messages will not go through spam filters, are guaranteed to arrive and will bear a stamp of authenticity. The charging plan is meant for those organisations that send a lot of e-mail and do not want their messages mistaken for spam.

Deals with AOL and Yahoo have landed Goodmail Systems on the high-tech map and offered the strongest validation yet for its product.

Consumers do not risk losing messages to spam filter false positives. Users who wish to send mail to systems, such as AOL, that support Goodmail don't have to use Goodmail to send it.

Goodmail's customers have to prove that recipients want their mail, and Goodmail checks the sender's mailing behavior and manages the quality of the mail through a system that makes it easy for recipients to complain about unwanted messages. Too many complaints and the senders lose their accounts.

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