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Give credit where credit is due: Jason, Peter Rojas, Ryan say sorry

Endgadget has been caught red-handed ripping stories and pictures from without giving them any credit. This discovery will certainly dampen the celebrations of Endgadget's second anniversary. (Remember Jason Calacanis calling someone a bunch of thieves)

Engadget picked a story about the Ubiquitous Multimedia Informator from DAPreview and removed all references from it, including cropping a photograph to remove their logo. further claim that this has occurred numerous times by Engadget in the past. They speculate that Engadget is doing this because DAPreview is "blacklisted" by Engadget.

Jason is saying that it was not done maliciously. Jason Calacanis, Peter Rojas and Ryan Block have already sent separate apology letters.But as DAP points out, these things don't happen by accident.

Ryan took the time to edit an exisiting news item because it linked to DAPreview. Ryan took the time to crop the logo from the picture. Ryan took the time to re-link the item to MobileMag, where the story is clearly credited to DAPreview.

Nainworks (makes of UMI PMP) must be happy since this news just makes their product more popular.

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This Endgadget plagiarism scandal is also on the popularity charts of and