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Firefox can sometimes break marriages

If you are searching for a Good Marriage Counselor, try Mozilla Bugzilla.

A story posted on as a bug reveals how a Firefox Privacy feature caused a marriage to breakup. Mozilla has however closed the bug.

The reporter's fiancé had secretly used Firefox on her computer to visit dating sites such as JDate, SwingLifeStyle, and Adult FriendFinder. While logging into those sites, he told Firefox to never remember passwords for those sites. He then uninstalled Firefox, probably because he was worried that she would find out which sites he had been visiting.

Later, she installed Firefox for herself, and happened to need to edit the list of sites to never save passwords for. She quickly realized that he had been visiting dating sites in secret, and was also able to determine that he was still an active member of some of the sites. As one might expect, this led to a breakup.

Source: Mozilla | Jesse Ruderman