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eyePilot: Colors for the color blind

eyePilot Color Guide is an interactive software for computer-savvy people who are color-blind or suffer from any form of color-deficiency.

With eyePilot, Colorblind people will get a better view of color-dependent web sites, documents, graphics and computer applications.

The program works by placing an interactive floating window (Capture Window) like a layer over any web or browser window on your computer screen.

EyePilot lets users pinpoint particular shades on a screen or shift hues to bring out easier-to-detect contrasts.

Move the PC's cursor over an item, and eyePilot reports what the color is. If the user clicks on a color name, all instances of it on the page will flash. Or one color can be made to stand out by converting the rest of a page to gray and white.

eyePilot tools are even useful if you analyze lot data represented with color like historic stock prices, weather maps, geographic terrains or other financial data.

How to test if you are Color Blind

Download eyePilot for Windows / Mac | Official eyePilot Website

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