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Windows Vista Welcome Center Complaints

Concerns raised about PC makers' ability to customize Vista on first boot up

Microsoft Windows Vista Welcome Center, this is displayed when a computer is run for the first time after installing Windows Vista, is under the scanner of US courts for showing commercial offers from Microsoft and OEM partners.
Plaintiffs have received a complaint regarding the ability of OEM's to customize the first-boot experience in Vista, and in particular concerning the Welcome Center, a new interface that presents the user with various setup options and commercial offers (presented by Microsoft and OEMs) at the end of the initial out-of-the-box experience.
Windows Vista is the first operating system that Microsoft has developed under the protocols of the antitrust settlement, and under the watchdog Technical Committee appointed by the court to make sure Microsoft complies with the rulings.

The full text of the government report can be read here, or downloaded in PDF format from the Department of Justice Web site.

Source: Governments Look Into Microsoft Vista Antitrust Complaints | U.S. officials review complaints over Vista