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US to fight Internet policies of China

The Great Technology Firewall of China Vs Google, Yahoo, Cisco, Microsoft

In order to enter the Chinese market, Google and Microsoft acknowledged helping China censor information available through Web searches and blogs, and Yahoo has been accused of providing data that helped convict dissidents who used its e-mail accounts.

The Bush administration has taken a serious note of Chinese government censors and is increasing pressure on China to reduce censorship of the internet.

The US State Department is creating a task force that will examine policy and diplomatic initiatives to maximise access to the internet in China and other repressive regimes, and to minimise efforts by governments to block information. A U.S. team was traveling to China to discuss the issue with Chinese authorities.

Christopher Smith, who chairs the committee, is drafting legislation that could force companies such as Yahoo to keep their �e-mail servers outside the borders of countries with repressive governments.

Yesterday China said foreign internet companies operating in the country must abide by its laws.

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