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Sony PS3 launch during Christmas 2006

Sony PlayStation 3 launch has been the subject of heavy speculation as expectations are high for the gaming console, which will feature Blu-ray Disc, Cell processors and 'RSX' graphics.

Sony PS3 Launch Date
Sony website still shows the PS release date as spring 2006 but a Merrill Lynch report suggests that the PS3 launch date in the United States could be late 2006 or early 2007.

However, Sony has officially denied reports that the PS3 could be delayed by several months, reiterating that the console will launch this spring.

Sony PS3 Price
Merrill Lynch predicts the cost of expensive and difficult-to-manufacture PS3 could initially approach $900 per unit. [Cell processor ~$200, Blu-ray components ~$300] Sony might consider delaying the release until it can reduce manufacturing costs further in 2007.

The PS3 cost could fall down to $320 three years from launch.

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