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Silicon chips embedded in living human beings

A surveillance equipment company recently implanted silicon chips in two of its workers to allow them access to its secure vaults. The chief executive of the company, also had one of the chips embedded.

The RFID chips are meant to work as access cards. There's a reader outside the door; you walk up to the reader, put your arm under it, and it opens the door.

The chips are the size of a grain of rice and a doctor embedded them in the forearm just under the surface of the skin.

The technology predates World War II, but has appeared in numerous modern adaptations, such as tracking pets, vehicles and commercial goods at warehouses.

On privacy allegations that these RFID chips could enable companies to track employees' movements, Darks said - "It's a passive chip. It emits no signal whatsoever. It's the same thing as a keycard."

Source: VeriChip | US group implants electronic tags in workers | 2 workers have chips embedded into them