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Selective Cleaning of Temporary Internet Files - Pick 'n' Choose

When deleting temporary internet files from IE Settings menu, you have no option to specify selective files that you want IE to delete.

IE Delete Files command purges the Selective Cleaning . All your cookies, graphics, javacript, css, html pages, swf animations, etc are immediately deleted when you select the "Delete all offline content".

So how to delete Temporary Internet files associated only with rather than deleting the entire temp folder. Or delete only image files from temporary internet files. Or delete only large files (>1 MB) from the IE cache folder. Read solution:

The first step is the open the Temporary Internet Files Folder. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. In the Temporary Internet Files section, click Settings. Choose View Files. (see screenshots). Choose View - Details

Delete temp IE files that are greater than 500 kb
Step 1. Sort the file list by Size (in descending order - see graphic)
Step 2. Scroll up/down (using right scrollbar) and select the first file that has a file size => 500kb
Step 3. Press the Shift button and simultaneously press the END button.
Step 4. All the required files are now selected. Press Delete

Delete IE temp files of a particular file type
Step 1: Sort the file list by Type
Step 2: Image files (gif, png, jpg) are show as GIF Image or JPEG Image or PNG Image.
Step 3. Using the same procedure described above, select all "GIF" files and click delete. Repeat the process for other image files.
Step 4. You can extend this technique to delete any other file types like Javascript, CSS or XML files.

Delete IE Files associated with only a specific website
Step 1: Sort the file list by Internet Address. All files associated with a particular website are grouped together. (see IE screen capture above)
Step 2: Scroll to the website address that you want to delete.
Step 3. Select all the files that have same first few characters of the internet address.
Step 4: Delete - All you traces are gone forever.