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Search Engine Newsbots killing traffic to official newspapers websites

Journalists and newspapers generally follow the Inverted Pyramid model for reporting news.

In the inverted pyramid news reporting model, the most newsworthy information is placed at the top, and then the remaining information follows in order of importance, with the least important at the bottom. Succeeding paragraphs explain and support the lead.

Therefore, visitors to Online News Aggregators (like Google News, MSN NewsBot, Yahoo News) get enough from the headline and first paragraph and don't click through to the original story and site of origin.

So when Google News, or any other news aggregators take and publish the headline and the first paragraph, sometime the second para too - they are taking the very best part of the news - and leaving the second best a click-away.

The essence of news stories is copied and whisked away by the spiderbots (newsbots), which offer the promise of return traffic.

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Source: The inverted pyramid: News aggregators take the very best part of the content

Via: Rajesh Jain: News Aggregators