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Razorback 2 on eDonkey P2P shut down

Razorback2, the most popular file sharing server on eDonkey P2P network, was closed by Swiss and Belgian police.

Swiss authorities arrested the site's operator at his residence in Switzerland and Belgian police seized the site's servers located at an Internet hosting center in Zaventem near Brussels.

Razorback2 was an eDonkey2000 indexing server. Unlike indexing sites like ShareReactor, Razorback2's index was only available through an eDonkey2000 client such as eMule. While it does not host any actual files or multimedia material, it does index the location of such files on the eDonkey2000 network.

Pro-file sharing site said that Razorback2 did not host any illicit content and instead was participating 'very actively' in the distribution of legal content from Ratiatum's download network and Jamendo's free music.

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