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Online Book Swap Websites for Bibliophiles

You may never have to buy a book again. Book Swapping Websites let you read a new book without having to pay.

Once you've finished a book, find a book that you want to read. If someone has a book you like, you can arrange the swap over the internet.

Book swapping is absolutely legal. Only condition is that books should be in good condition without missing, torn or stained pages. Some book lovers prefer swapping books rather than listing them on eBay or Amazon as they charge a higher fee.

Finished with that book? Then swap it for free. Here's a list of websites where you can participate in a book swap.
List your paperback books (atleast 9) that you would like to share with other members. You immediately get 3 book credits to get you started trading books with other club members. You pay to send your books to others; they pay to send their books to you.

Read It Swap It!
Register any books that you've read and would be happy to swap. ReadItSwapIt database has thousands of titles to choose from - select the ones you are interested in. ReadItSwapIt is free to join. Only for UK residents.

Titletrader allows users to exchange books (paperback and hardcover), music (CDs), video games and movies (DVDs and VHS). When someone wants an item that you have - you will be notified. Once that person has received his item you will be credited with a Request Credit, which allows you to swap it for any other item on the site.

Swap Simple
SwapSimple lets you swap books with a valid ISBN, DVDs and video games. Works on the credit system - you need to pay the shipping charges plus a $2.00 processing fee. Only for US residents.

Campus Book Swap
Campus book swap student website was set up by PIRG (Public Interest Research Group). The books are sorted by school, so that once you've signed in, the books you see listed are only the ones posted by other students at your school.

All types and formats (hardcover, paperback, CD and cassette) of books can be listed and requested as long as each has an ISBN. When you list 5 books, you receive 2 credits to request books. You earn credit when one of your listed books is requested, you mail it, and the requesting member marks it received.
Membership is free, and there are no late fees or due dates. Members mail books to those wanting their titles. In return, they get books of equal value from those with titles they want. It is free to send books, and $3.99 shipping to receive them.

So the next time yousell your book for a few pennies, consider listing it on a Book-sharing Website. You could trade books for the cost of postage.